Mission and History

Before March
25, 2019, Mr.O taught visual arts for several organizations in the metro New
Orleans area for children and adults. However, after suffering a stroke, which
led to end stage kidney failure, he was faced with the harsh reality of leaving
his career behind. During his weekly treatments and therapy, Mr.O refused to
allow his life to be stagnant, began drawing and gaming to help improve his
motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The benefits from creating and gaming gave
Mr.O hope that he could improve his overall health one day.

After much physical
therapy, Mr.O tried to return to teaching but realized that the regular pace would
not be realistic due to dialysis. One day, he thought of how he could help those
with illnesses and disabilities like what he was dealing with. If the arts,
therapy, and gaming could help him, then it could help children and adults.
Besides, Mr.O already had experience in teaching and social services working
with children who were enduring illnesses, disabilities and behavioral health challenges.
The art they were creating allowed them to express themselves in a positive way
as he observed it was doing for him. So, he thought of a new way to make a
difference despite his own challenges and rebranded SOHENU Art Circles Academy.

Core Values

Founder and President

Eugene Eugenio "Mr.O" Wilson

Art Teacher, Gamer, Stroke Survivor, Kidney Transplant Survivor, and Advocate